Munch – The Riverbound Munch Committee organizes this sponsored, scheduled social event. It is open to any Riverbound member and their guests. This is a social gathering meant to provide an opportunity for new and present members to meet in a public place. First time attendees will need to show a photo ID. Munches should be held during the second weekend of the month in the following preferred rotation: Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday Brunch. Attending this event qualifies a person to attend a Play Party. Dates and times can be changed and changes shall be communicated to the board. If you would like to attend please RSVP from our RSVP page or FetLife by clicking on “I’m going”. Please read the Munch Rules.

Sub Forum – This is a discussion meeting for submissives. It is open to any submissive member or subscriber and their guests. First time attendees will need to show a photo ID. Meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month. Attending this event qualifies a person to attend a Play Party.

If you would like to attend please RSVP.

Play Party (with Demo and Food) – This is a monthly educational event with a Demo. There is either a potluck meal or snacks. This event is open to paid members (all levels) who have attended another qualifying function. Riverbound’s local area is considered a 70 mile radius of Davenport, Iowa. The attendance qualification can be excused by the Board for first time attendees who live outside this radius. Play Parties are held the 4th Saturday of each month.

If you have an idea for a demo or would like to offer something you feel would be of interest please send our board a message from our Board Contact Page.

RSVPs for the play party and demo are necessary. You may send your RSVP when the information for the current month is posted on the listserv by visiting our Party and Demo RSVP Page. Please read the Play Party Rules.

Other Events (Not Sponsored Or Sanctioned By Riverbound)

Other Social Events – coffees, “minches” and other social get-togethers, called by any member of Riverbound and posted to the list are open to anyone. These are not official Riverbound events and do not qualify a person to attend a play party.


Member A member is anyone who has paid Membership dues.

Subscriber Anyone who is on the Riverbound listserv.

Minch A minch is a term coined by a originally a ‘typo’, it has come to be a regular term within our group. A minch is a social event called by any Riverbound member and open to anyone. It is not an official event and does not qualify a person to attend a play party.

About Our Rules

As you can see, Riverbound and it’s elected Board of Directors strives to offer our members a tasty stew of social events, play parties and learning opportunities. We do these things while trying hard to protect each member’s privacy and ensure their personal safety. We also prefer to impose as few rules as possible.

If that sounds like an impossible juggling act, you’re right. It would be impossible to achieve those goals without the active cooperation and voluntary support of our members. Although we try not to impose unnecessary rules, we have over time worked out a set of Policies, Rules and Guidelines and a Code of Conduct for our members. As a member of Riverbound, you will be expected to know and follow our rules. Violations of the rules are not tolerated and could lead to you being asked to leave an event. In severe cases, ignoring our rules could even lead to you being removed from our member list and banned from future events.

Please take the time to read and study these pages carefully. Members are expected to know and follow our rules. In most cases, ignorance of a rule is not an acceptable excuse. As a Riverbound member you should make it a point to learn our rules and conduct yourself accordingly.