The key words in the Riverbound Code of Conduct are Honor, Integrity, and Discretion.


  • Honor the Safe, Sane, & Consensual Code.
  • Honor safe words and realize that if you haven’t negotiated safe words, “no” means “no.”
  • Honor the physical & emotional space of members as well as their property.
  • Do not presume authority over anyone without his or her express consent.
  • Do not assume someone wants authority over you.
  • Honor the house rules of any private play party held for Riverbound members.


  • Represent yourself and your experience honestly.
  • Do not impose your beliefs, practices, or ideas on anyone else.
  • Keep the safety and enjoyment of others first in your mind during activities/scenes.
  • Do not insult, belittle, or in any way attack other members of the group under any circumstances.


  • Do nothing that calls attention to Riverbound or individual Riverbound members or guests by non-Riverbound members or legal authorities. This includes but is not limited to abusing alcohol, possession and/or use of illegal substances, involving or inviting minors in Riverbound activities (for our purposes, a minor is anyone under the age of 21), carrying illegal firearms, soliciting money for sexual or BDSM acts, or any other activity that could get you or those around you arrested.
  • Respect the privacy of Riverbound members by not revealing any personal information about them. Only they have the right to reveal their legal name, address, etc. to others.
  • Be aware of how your appearance and clothing may call unwanted attention as you enter and leave a restaurant, bar, or private home where a Riverbound party is in progress.
  • Do not use cameras or any type of recording devices at any Riverbound event.
  • Some Riverbound play parties or demos may permit photographs, but be sure to check with the Board before the event and follow any rules s/he demands to protect the privacy of those who do not want to be recorded.

A useful mnemonic for the code is HID-E Riverbound:

Honor, Integrity & Discretion lead to an Enjoyable Riverbound