Sexual Survey

The surveys in each section are mandatory. Your answers will never be identifiable and any shared results will be anonymized. At no time will anyone be able to link your answers back to you.

These surveys are intended to capture data about the first experiences and the frequency of various sexual activities of college students. If you have not had a particular experience, that is completely normal. Simply say so. It is also completely normal for first experiences of any sexual act to be awkward or to be over quickly. It is also common for individuals, especially women, not to orgasm/ejaculate during their first attempts at a particular sexual act.


  • Sex generally means penis-in-vagina sex. If you are in a same sex relationship, answer as you see fit.
  • A partner or other long term relationship means someone with whom you have/had a romantic attachment. At one point, both of you saw the relationship continuing, even if it ultimately ended.
  • A friend with benefits means someone with whom you had/have no romantic attachment, but do have a social/friendly attachment. You see this person outside of your sexual relationship, but not in a romantic way. You may or may not see the relationship continuing into the future.
  • A one night stand means someone with whom you do not have a romantic relationship. You may have a friend/social relationship. You do/did not see the sexual relationship occurring again.

Important information:

  • Questions involving ages and times should include your age and the date as best you can recall. For example: “12, sometime in December 2004”; “May 5, 1999”; or “after Junior Prom 2014.”
  • All gender specific names and pronouns should be read as to be applicable to the way you identify. If you identify as a cis male, then “boyfriend” should be read as “girlfriend.” If you identify as poly use whichever gender fits the question; if you are currently with a male but your first kiss was with a female, use the female.
  • Many cis women do not orgasm during different sexual acts, especially their first time. Answer the questions to include the first time you performed an act, the first time you reached orgasm/ejaculated, and/or the first time your partner reached orgasm/ejaculated.

Survey of Sexual History and Practices – Firsts

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